In Dubai there are a lot of malls.
These are the ones I`ve been in: Emirates Mall, Marina mall and Dubai mall.

The Emirates mall is awesome! It's very very big. So you need to walk a lot.
Anyways, Emirates mall has a indoor ski/snowboard resort. It has real manufactured snow! In the mall there are movie theaters an awesome toy/videogame store and other stores. (parking in Emirates mall is very busy).

Now lets move on to Marina mall. Marina mall is also one of the malls I've been. It is the closest mall from where I live.It's not that big, but it is big.But anyways, I've been to his really good italian restaurant called Carluccios.Then my mom and sister went to get baby clothes at Gymboree, While me and my dad played indoor golf.It was pretty good.
Last but not least, there's Dubai mall. Dubai mall is very big too. Parking is also very busy. It took me and my dad 1 hr. to find parking! Anyways, the mall has all sort of fun stuff to do. There are movie theaters and other things.There is also a touchscreen map!It is awesome.
That concludes my story you might thing shopping is boring,but if you go to  Dubai it is awesome.
Note:I have also been to other malls but There weren't cool.


We arrived in Dubai

We finally arrived in Dubai two days ago.
We spent Christmas in Milan, Italy, with all my family and Santa Claus, Babbo Natale in italian, brought us a lot of Legos.
It was very cold in Milano and we had also a day of snow!
Me and my sister Giulia at the beach!

Here in Dubai it's like summer. It is 73 degrees and today we went to the beach and played in the water. It was really fun.
We don't have a house yet but are staying in a beautiful apartment of some friends of ours. But I really want to have a house and room by myself where to put all our stuff.

We are 12 hours ahead from San Francisco so we are almost at New Year's Eve while my friends are still in bed sleeping. It is like being in the future!
People say that there will be the most amazing fireworks here. I can't wait to see them!

NYE in Dubai

I saw the Burj Khalifa and it is pretty amazing and we are close to the Burj Al Arab that is another famous tower here in Dubai.
Burj Khalifa

I'm enjoying the weather and hope to meet new friends.


My spring program at school

My spring show is called '' it's a Jungle out there''. the characters are:king(lion) ,giraffes,pandas,cheethas,monekys,hyenas and elephants.My lines are : 1.''ha!ha!ha! you see, that guy just sliped on a banana peel, and he can't get up he!he!he!he!.'' 2.'' Especially when somebody tears a hole in there shirt!".My favorite song is We are the party animals!